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Social media has the power to help businesses connect with their customers, and it helps promote their business to reach new people who become their new customers. With so much competition out there and the development of social media, it is crucial to ensure you create engaging, relevant and valuable content for your target audience. In this article, you’ll find a map of some of the questions you must ask yourself when creating content for your business’s social media.

Who is my target audience?

Before typing on your keyboard, think about who will read your content. This means you need to know who your target audience is. Understanding your audience is crucial to creating content that resonates with them. You must consider age, gender, location, interests, and needs. Knowing all these factors and making your content based on the information you have will inspire you to create content that is engaging and relevant to your audience. This will keep them interested in your post, making them more likely to buy what you sell.

What are my goals for this content?

The second question you need to ask yourself is your goals for the content you are writing? Every piece of content you create must have a specific intent. Your goals might be increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, etc. Knowing your goals and ensuring they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound will help you achieve your social media objectives. This way, your content will be more effective and offer promising results for your business.

What type of content will resonate with my audience?

Your content might vary based on your preferences and what works well with your business. There are many types of content that you can create for social media, including blog posts, videos, infographics, and images. Remember that only some content will resonate with your audience, which has nothing to do with how well your content is written. To have the answer to this question, you need to know your target audience, which brings us to the first question we have already mentioned. You need to consider your target audience and their preferred content. This means that if your target audience is young, they may prefer short videos or memes, but if they are more mature, they might prefer blog posts or webinars. Knowing what content your target audience prefers will help you decide what content resonates with them.


What topics are relevant and timely?

The following fundamental question is knowing how relevant your content is to what is happening around you. For your content to be engaging, you must understand what is happening in your industry and the world. Staying up-to-date on news and trends relevant to your business and your audience is crucial for content creation. You can use tools like Google Alerts to stay informed. If you create timely and relevant content, you will prove to your audience that you are on top of the latest trends and that your content matters.

How can I make this content visually appealing? You might have heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This might be true for books and people but isn’t valid for content creation. Your content will be on top of the judging eyes, and its cover needs to be visually appealing and meaningful. Visuals are a critical part of social media content. You can add images, videos, or infographics and use colours, fonts, and formatting to make your content easy to read and attractive to the eyes of those who will be reading it. Creating visually appealing content will increase engagement and keep your audience returning for your new social media posts. Creating engaging content for social media is a never-ending battle that is hardly won. Still, by asking yourself these 5 questions, you can easily create content that touches your audience and keeps them engaged in achieving your social media goals. Understanding your audience, setting goals, creating relevant content, staying current on trends, and sharing creative and attractive content will surely put the business on the throne of success. Interested to know more about how to make your content visually appealing? Read our article about The psychology of colours in your brand awareness.