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How much do London digital marketing agencies charge?

Digital marketing, or online marketing, has become essential for a business to reach growth and success. London is home to some of the best reputable and innovative digital marketing agencies in the world. Like everything else, digital marketing has its costs. Before we dive into the prices of digital marketing, we will talk about what kind of services are provided by digital marketing agencies.

A digital agency is hired mostly to outsource your digital marketing efforts. It helps your business with different digital solutions to realize your business goals. A digital agency will provide you with marketing strategies that help promote your product or service online so that you can grow your business.

A digital marketing agency will provide you with different services, such as strategy services (market and competitive research, CRM & sales funnel strategy, UX consulting, marketing strategy, brand positioning & messaging, automation), marketing services (content creation, digital marketing campaigns, branding, marketing personas, paid media, lead nurturing, SEO), and development services (Website building, website maintenance and hosting, platform and data migration, CRM implementation).

Now that we know what a digital marketing agency is and what they offer, let's talk about how much you’ll need to spend on digital marketing agencies in London.

How much does a digital marketing agency charge in London?> The cost of digital marketing services in London varies depending on the size and scope of the project. The fees are contingent on the agencies, which means they decide if they charge a flat fee for their services based on the number of hours worked.In general, digital marketing agencies in London charge £75 to £300 per hour. While other agencies who prefer to get paid a monthly charge, on average, £1,065 per month. Individual projects tend to cost more, the average cost is £2,002. Before you quit reading this article because of the blinding prices, you must consider that digital marketing agencies offer a wide range of services (as mentioned above).


Factors which can impact the cost of digital marketing services in London There are a vast amount of factors that impact the cost of digital marketing services. They can depend on the project's scope, denoting that the larger and more complex the project, the higher the cost. The agency's experience and reputation play an important role in the cost as well because they have a proven track record of success and can provide a higher level of expertise and quality services; thus, they tend to charge higher fees. On the other hand, based on the geographic location, agencies which are located in the expensive areas of London (such as the West End or the City of London) charge more than the agencies that are located in smaller and cheaper cities.

Lastly, digital marketing is crucial for your business to succeed. Although the costs seem significant, this investment can help your business long-term. You can choose cheaper options and challenge yourself, or hire a digital marketing agency that will provide you with a full package of services that will do the work for you to reach your marketing goals.

While you might still decide to do it yourself after reading about the costs, which is okay, there are existent cheaper services, for example, a blog post which will cost £150, or a social media project which costs £326 on average. Surely cheaper options are available, but these won’t grow your business long-term. Therefore, it’s wiser to hire an experienced digital marketing agency.

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