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Social media marketing - Definition and Strategies

Social media marketing targets your ideal customer base through their preferred social media networks by creating relevant content they’ll interact with. You can try social media marketing for goals such as awareness and reach, social media growth, lead generation, and more. Social media marketing is a way of meeting your audience where they spend time. How to find your ideal buyer on social? First, let’s go through which social media options you have.

Facebook remains the go-to network to find like-minded people. Whether your interests revolve around a particular podcast, a language, arts and crafts, or anything else, you’ll find your tribe on Facebook. Posts on Facebook vary from mainly text-based to photos and video. Facebook’s monthly active users as of 2021 were at 2.91 billion. More than half of its users are outside the 25–44 age group, the main playground for other major platforms. Additionally, it became the platform on which users spent the most time in the United States earlier the same year.

Instagram is more than just a photo-sharing social network. It’s also a powerful marketing, customer service, and sales tool. Especially if you create an Instagram Business profile. You unlock useful features that let you run advertising campaigns, tag products in posts, and see account analytics. One billion people around the world use Instagram each month. Of those one billion people, 9 in 10 follow a business on Instagram. This means your business has the potential to reach 900 million people.

YouTube With video on the rise on all platforms, YouTube is a go-to for many businesses. The site is the second most popular social media app. Businesses on YouTube can tackle their B2B social media marketing, creating B2C content, or working with content creators to reach larger audiences. YouTube is a beneficial platform to approach your target audience at every stage of marketing, from awareness to consideration and even conversion.

TikTok Since the pandemic, TikTok has seen a growth that social media apps can only dream of. As of January 2022, it has 1 billion monthly active users who spend an average of over 14 hours per month consuming content. This engagement opens the opportunity for businesses to approach users with short-form video and, done authentically, in a way that compels them to learn more. B2C companies especially have seen an enormous opportunity within TikTok.

How to create a social media strategy

The way tackle it more efficiently is by breaking it down step-by-step. Start by setting goals and taking into account your target audience so that you’ll reach the right people. Define what you’ll consider a successful social media marketing campaign so you know what your expectations are. And then finally, create and schedule your content. To get you more acquainted with the process, let’s go into each of these steps in detail.

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Set goals for your business

Setting expectations and business goals can help your campaign perform better and shape its approach. Think about goals you can arrange for your social media marketing, such as the amount of engagement you want from a particular campaign, regardless of sales.

Identify and research your target audience

Another key to getting started with your social media marketing will be to know whom to target. You have to think like them and you’ll find them right where their interests are. If you’re trying to reach 18- to 24-year-olds on Facebook, you might find it more challenging than targeting them through on TikTok. Learn about and understand the people you’re trying to reach. Then, tailor your campaign to their needs, interests, and favorite types of content.

Now that you’ve set up the kind of campaign you want to create, set expectations for what results you want and start making your content. Take into account your target audience, define which social media you’ll be using, what message you want to deliver, and how you expect them to interact with it.